Nel Mezzo 2017

The work was commissioned by Fondazione Fotografia Modena in Italy as part of the project and exhibition Sequenza Sismica. The images are made in earthquake stricken places in present day Italy and the words are collected through conversations with the people living there, or who did when there was somewhere to live:

"I asked about the moment that changed everything.
–They told me about standing still forever while the dust settled.

I asked how they escaped.
–They told me about their family history.

I asked about the future.
–They told me about waiting.

I asked how you rebuild something that has been broken.
–They told me how they never met their friends anymore.

I asked if they had trouble sleeping.
–They told me about forgetting.

I asked if they had any advice.
–They told me to try some pasta all'Amatriciana.

I asked if I could photograph.
–They said I needed another permit for that.

I asked who would help them.
–They broke down in tears.

I asked if they were from here.
–They said there was nowhere to be from anymore.

I asked if they felt safe.
–They told me about existence in a liminal space. Between breathing in and breathing out.

I asked who is to blame.
–They said maybe the dust settled too fast. Or they were too good at forgetting."