MUSE – Figurative Photography / Fígúratíf ljósmyndun 2021

"The camera can be used to focus on quite a narrow portion of the spectrum available, for example only on a specific object. [...] The thing at the center of all this attention leaves its mark, touched by the light, almost like a contact relic – these pieces of cloth that the holiness of a saint has been communicated to by contact with the saint’s remains. Photons do not even have a mass, they are only energy which moves around and photography registers accurately the position of their collision into space.
All the while Photography reaches into the real independently from our intentions, and every photograph carries back something from it. To uncover it we need to spend time scrutinizing photographs. They are completely inert and only come slowly to life when being interacted with, through a visual thinking process (aka. old uncle Benji’s optical unconscious). Photography is a much slower medium than what the speed of its shutter suggests.

– Barthélémy Garcia, Gothenburg, June 2021