A Few Thoughts on Photography – Vol. II (2018-ongoing)

Donning the white gloves and hoping for magic.

Wondering about photography, the medium which she is so fond of, Hallgrímsdóttir is thinking through doing. In this series of photo-vignettes she sets out to teach herself, wanting to create moments where all things photographic intersect. She looks at our understanding and expectations of the medium, its curiously murky nature, technical matters and physical manifestations. Taking a photograph can seem so simple: a push of a button, almost objet trouvé, a recording of photons meeting molecules. It is mysterious and emotional, with aesthetics and instincts coming to play, but also decidedly rooted in the scientific. Here Hallgrímsdóttir is thinking about photography as creativity through optics, chemistry, software and code, while making use of her experience of working with theories on issues ranging from composition to institutional critique.

Shown first at Galleri Format as part of Rest Assured in Unknown Places
Installation Images by Barthélémy Garcia